Emails and Petitions

Petitions to sign

Visit this extensive list of petitions calling for justice for Black individuals murdered by the police. It also contains information on zipcodes to use if you're outside the US. There are some additional petitions below.

Important note: Many of these petitions are on who will ask you for a donation after signing, to help spread the message. This goes to them rather than the cause specifically. Donate this money directly to the charity instead.

Emails to send

Use the Write To Them website to find and contact your local MP. Be sure to change the text of any templates, as there's the potential for similarly worded emails to start registering as spam.

  • Email Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson and ask him to make Black history mandatory in the UK national curriculum. If you're not sure what to say, you can adapt this template from The Black Curriculum.
  • Use this template shared by Amnesty International to urge your local MP to take racial injustice seriously.
  • Here's a template you can adapt and send to your local MP which demands action on three topics:
    • Suspending the sale of teargas, riot shields, and rubber bullets to the United States
    • A public response from the UK to condemn Trump's use of force against his own citizens
    • That the report on BAME COVID deaths is addressed actionably and immediately
  • This doc contains four templates you can adapt and send, including to your MP about the connection between racism in UK and the real cost of COVID-19, and to various officials to demand justice for Belly Mujinga.

A reminder to vote!

The current heads of state for both the UK and the US are proven racists. No meaningful change can happen under their leadership. You can find out the voting record for all UK MPs using the They Work For You website. Participate in every election you can, and research the candidates ahead of time to make your vote count in the fight against racism.